Frequently Asked Questions 

What is  invis- 0-bond®?

invis- 0 -bond® is a skin balancing technology that instantly adheres onto the skin's surface while balancing the skin's acid mantle and PH levels for hours. 

What is the Acid Mantle?

The acid mantle is your skin’s protective layer. When your acid mantle is damaged, moisture escapes, causing damage to the skin.   

Why was  invis- 0-bond® developed?

It was developed by iBio to effectively bridge an obvious gap between science and nature while infusing mother nature’s own proven and trusted remedies within an invisible and weightless skin and surface adhering technology. 

Why is invis- 0-bond® used within the dermaglove product line? 

After 10 years of research and development, our data captured the negative effects caused by leading sanitizers; specifically noting the damaging side and after effects that these products had on the skin over a 10 year period. Our scientist and environmentalist knew a drastic change was necessary if we wanted humans to win the war against germs. It was discovered that a combination of germ killing actives with skin repairing methods were needed to create a different end result.

What does  invis- 0-bond®  bring to sanitizing that the leading sanitizer does not?

DERMAGLOVE delivers a fortification system to the skin from head to toe level lasts hours after the sanitizing active ingredients such as alcohol evaporates. We now know that keeping the skin balanced and capable of defending itself is the missing component against humans and germ warfare.

Does dermaglove kill germs?

Yes,  DERMAGLOVE kills 99.99% of germs on contact.

How is dermaglove different from a Purell or GermX?

All three products are effective in killing germs using up to 70% alcohol within one simple application. The difference between  DERMAGLOVE and the other leading brands is invis- 0 -bond®  technology.   Why?  DERMAGLOVE understands how important fortifying the skin’s acid mantle from head to toe is and has created a product line that effectively kills germs as a hygienic and skin balancing solution in a natural and eco-friendly way that actually enhances and re-engages the skins natural ability to defend itself from all outside and hidden exposures.

How does invis- 0-bond® power dermaglove?

By creating a natural skin barrier that continues to repair and fortify the body’s own acid mantle and staying on top of the skin’s surface for up to 8 hours to effectively remediate the skin. 

Why does invis- 0-bond® work?

Test prove that it keeps the body’s largest organ (the skin) safe, clean, and healthy for up to 8 hours while allowing the body to thrive, maintain and confidently rely on its own natural defensive mechanisms, as Mother Nature intended.

Why is dermaglove a better hygiene and sanitizing product line?

DERMAGLOVE combines chemicals that are required to beat the fight against germs and other environmental exposures using the same actives that the FDA and CDC specifically recommend for killing germs. 

Why is sanitizing and skin balance important?

DERMAGLOVE products were scientifically developed with an acute awareness that sanitizers and disinfecting soaps were missing a natural order to skincare and good hygiene practices. The body was designed to have and maintain a natural, protective, defensive,and balanced skin barrier of protection called the acid mantle. 

Who should use dermaglove products?

Anyone that wants to safely enhance and nourish their entire body using a simple but advanced method to protect against contaminates while improving the health and condition of their skin daily.


What does dermaglove protect the user from?

Everything from germ, insect, and cross-contamination exposures to rain, wind and daily pollution.

What does dermaglove feel like on the skin?

It is cool and soothing on contact and quickly covers the skin with a light fresh feeling of silkiness and comfort.

Does dermaglove eliminate body odor?

Yes, for up to 8 hours.

Does dermaglove have a scent?

Yes, and we challenge our users to determine what the scent is – the scent is preparatory and was designed to remind you of a childhood memory or a time of intense happiness. 

Does dermaglove use dyes?

No, all coloring is delivered by natural derivatives within invis- 0 -bond®.

Does dermaglove have an unscented formulation?

Yes. It is called Hand Recovery. 

Is it true that many sanitizers, leading the way within the industry, can cause skin damage to the skin after repeated usage?

Yes, we know from our studies that the leading brands have only increased the chemicals and actives to kill germs and have missed the opportunity to address the proper skin balancing techniques for improving skin health. Weak and compromised skin cannot defend itself from contamination and repeat exposure of chemicals, germs and/or environmental risks.

Does dermaglove actually improve the skin's health?

Yes, with each and every application, the body’s largest organ is being fortified and balanced through natural and proven remedies – changing the way humans approach the war on germs.

Are humans winning the war against germs?

No, because we keep fighting germs the same way, ignoring the fact that our body’s must be strong and balanced before applying chemicals to fight the fight in a chemical-to-germ battle. 

Are germs getting stronger and smarter than humans? 

Yes, but Mother Nature knew this would happen, so  DERMAGLOVE created 
invis- 0 -bond® to preserve what Mother Nature provided – the acid mantle.

How was it determined that Mother Nature was the answer for solving problems between increasing exposures and the humans ability to defend themselves? 

This battle started thousands of years before name brand sanitizers and disinfecting soaps came along. If germs continue to strengthen as history supports, humans must continue to strengthen too.  Clearly Mother Nature knew that this would be the case when she provided humans with an ever changing and evolving skin barrier, making this barrier of defense something that would simply require good health and natural skin supplementing practices to flourish and keep the acid mantle safe while protecting the body’s largest and only external organ.


How do I use dermaglove?

Dispense a dollop of product directly on to the hands and simply rub hands together until dry, about 10 seconds. DERMAGLOVE is effective whether you wash hands before use or not. However, we do not recommend DERMAGLOVE to replace washing with soap and water, but as a recommendation to use when soap and water is not available. DERMAGLOVE is perfect after regular hand washing for long-lasting protection from common germs and bacteria.

What is the difference between  dermaglove  and other products?

DERMAGLOVE testing proves that DERMAGLOVE increases the moisture of the skin by an average of 74.89% within fifteen minutes following product application, 55.41% after an hour and 7% after 8 hours. Our products also achieve 5% levels as a skin conditioning agent (the CDC recommends 1% – 3% glycerol or similar skin-conditioning agents). These results are after only 1 application on 1 single day.

DERMAGLOVE also adheres to your skin or surface forming a protective barrier that keeps moisture and repels germs and bacteria from penetrating.

What’s the difference between Body Lotion and Hand Lotion?

Hand and body lotion are two revolutionary products. Due to the full body use of alcohol body lotion’s alcohol content is reduced by 10 percent to ensure that each skin type maintains moisture. 70% vs. 60% alcohol difference makes no impact on the 99.99% kill rate.

What’s the difference between Body Mist and Body Lotion?

Body Mist and Body Lotion serve the same purpose; sanitizing and protecting your body from harmful contact. The difference is the application process. Body Mist is designed for people that may not have time to rub and spread lotion. Good for athletes, emergency personnel and people on the go.

What is invis- 0-bond®?

Our invis- 0-bond®technology utilizes an anti-microbial ester with a combination of unique properties. This combination allows all of our products to remain moisturizing and to adhere and form a bond around whatever it touches. invis- 0-bond® can be used in many different applications to adhere, moisturize, rehydrate and repair.

Does it affect the efficacy of latex gloves?

Latex gloves are mostly affected by oil based products. These products soften the latex material which loses the integrity of the glove. DERMAGLOVE has no oil based ingredient therefore does not deplete any integrity. Consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in the way the products work in regards to latex gloves. DERMAGLOVE ability to dry quickly and provide a sleek and soft barrier diminishes wait time between product applications and the application of gloves. DERMAGLOVE  invis- 0-bond® technology doesn’t allow the dryness to your hand that latex glove can sometimes provide.

Can I use dermaglove instead of latex gloves?

DERMAGLOVE in no way is a replacement for using latex medical gloves. We are an added layer of protection and hydration. Our products are formulated to repel germs on areas that may be exposed around the glove.

Can I stop using my disinfecting products?

Disinfecting and sanitizing are two different processes. Disinfectants usually come with a lengthy wait time. DERMAGLOVE surface spray is a sanitizer. It is designed to kill and protect immediately when there is not time for the disinfectant process. With Surface Spray, you’re back in action immediately.

Does dermaglove prevent MRSA?

The FDA does not approve any hand sanitizer effective in the prevention of MRSA. However, DERMAGLOVE’S sanitizing products prevent the spread of MRSA and fortify the skin's acid mantle, helping to fight off infections such as MRSA.

Do I have to wait for Surface Spray to dry?

There is no waiting time with our surface spray. If skin touches the surface before it is completely dry it is simply sanitizing the skin as well.

What surfaces can I spray surface spray on?

All Surfaces. Surface spray does not affect the integrity of any surface. It is safe to use on any and all materials. All products have our invis- 0-bond® technology which provides an intense moisturizing quality to everything it is applied. Surface spray is also odor eliminating.

Where can dermaglove be used?

The sky is the limit for DERMAGLOVE. Our products are used in several various facilities and situation some include locker rooms, showers , gyms, athletes, stadiums, auditoriums, aquariums, visitors, hospitals, office buildings, hallways, equipment, patients, patient rooms, Athletic trainers, traveling, airplanes, rental cars, parents, children, public restrooms, restaurants, kitchens, grocery stores.

Is  dermaglove 

AMA laboratories reported that DERMAGLOVE had absolutely no negative skin reactions. DERMAGLOVE is dermatologist tested as a non-primary irritant and non-primary sensitizer to the skin. Clinically tested with no adverse reactions of any kind were noted during the course of the study and deemed hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing, non-allergenic, sensitization tested, allergy tested as well as clinically tested, non-primary irritant to the skin, non-irritating formula.

Does dermaglove use triclosan?

No. In earlier stages and development of our products triclosan was introduced. Once speculations regarding the negative effects of this ingredient to the environment, DERMAGLOVE sought other and more advanced ingredients for our products.

Can antimicrobial hand sanitizers be FDA approved?

No. The FDA does not require nor does it approve over the counter drug products, such as antimicrobial soaps and sanitizers. These products must remain compliant with the FDA monograph. DERMAGLOVE and most notably, its active ingredient, meet all of the required criteria to remain FDA compliant.

Is  dermaglove registered with the FDA?

Yes. The entire DERMAGLOVE product line is registered with the FDA. Each product has been assigned an FDA National Drug Code.

Do you have an 1-800 customer support line if I have any other questions?

Yes, please call us at 1-888-300-1225.

Product Facts

  • No triclosan

  • Dermatologist tested

  • Hyper allergenic

  • No animals used in testing

  • No dyes or harmful chemicals

  • Made in the USA

  • invis- 0-bond® holds moisture on skin for 8 hours

  • invis- 0-bond® Improves skin health within 15 secs

  • 100% real essential oils

  • 100% real vitamins

  • 100% mineral water

  • Safe for all skin types

  • Developed to remediate skin and improve appearance with regular usage